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Clinical Burn Pearls

Each Quarter (January, April, July, October) we will highlight a splint, device or other clinical tip or endeavor that has been created to work with a challenging surgical intervention or as a result of a unique patient need or request. New designs as well as modifications to an existing, established designs are welcomed. Post-operative splints as well as adaptive device splints, casting and any other type of ADL modification or overall clinical highlight that helps facilitate best practice in burns gladly are welcome. We will also be archiving all of the submissions so that we can maintain a resource of burn splinting knowledge. Contribute to the accumulated knowledge and submit your splint design to today!

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January 2014 Splint

Progressive Extra-Oral Static/Dynamic Splint

Submitted By: Lisa LePage, OTR/L; Brian Graeff, MS OTR/L
Lehigh Valley Health Network
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Click to view the Progressive Extra-Oral Static/Dynamic Splint Abstract.
Click to view the Progressive Extra-Oral Static/Dynamic Splint Poster.

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Clinical Burn Pearls Archives (Formerly Splint of the Quarter)

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